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Start your Arabic journey! Learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in Brussels. New class starts Sept.

Language Immersions for
Student Groups

Lingua Academy partners with Schools, Travel agencies and consultancy firms to give students the best Brussels experience.
Learn to Speak in English In Brussels. Apprendre l'anglais à Bruxelles

Intensive Language Programs

Flexible Group Sizes & Course Lengths:

  • We accommodate groups of 4 to 40 students for a truly personalized learning experience.
  • Choose a program duration that fits your needs, ranging from 3 hours to a full 30 hours.


Tailored Courses for Your Group:

  • Whether your group is visiting for a few days or a whole week, we have the perfect course for them.
  • We consider your available time and the students’ language level to design the most effective program.


Thematic Learning Options:

  • Beyond general language skills, we offer specialized courses to meet your specific goals:
    • Test Preparation: Prepare your students for international exams like Cambridge, TOEFL, or DALF.
    • Career-Focused Courses: Equip young adults with language skills relevant for hospitality, marketing, IT, international politics, and more!


Customized Learning:

  • We understand no two groups are the same. The course content can be adjusted to your specific needs and objectives, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Looking for more activities or overnight stays in Brussels?

Lingua Academy’s Student Immersion Weeks go beyond textbooks. We can also combine intensive language learning with interactive cultural adventures, transforming your students’ trip into an unforgettable journey of discovery!

 We provide comfortable and convenient lodging options to ensure your students have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.
Excursions with Professional Tour Guides:

Explore beyond Brussels with curated excursions to other Belgian cities alongside knowledgeable guides. Enhance their understanding of the local culture and history.

EU- Oriented Activities:

Weave European Union-focused activities into the language courses. Students gain valuable insights into the EU’s role and its impact on the region. The course content prepares them for the activities by establishing the required language of real life settings.  

Guest Speaker Series:

We invite inspiring guest speakers to interact with your students during the course. Gain unique perspectives on international affairs and career opportunities.

Lingua Academy’s Student Immersion experience offers a unique blend of language learning, cultural discovery, and exposure to the European Union functions. This program fosters global awareness, language fluency, and lasting memories for your students.

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Why Immerse with Us?

1. Unmatched Student Experiences:

At Lingua Academy, we offer more than just language courses. Our immersive programs ignite a love for languages and cultures, leaving students with unforgettable memories and lasting skills. They’ll not only return with enhanced language abilities but also a broader worldview and the confidence to connect globally.


2. Tailored Program Design:

We know that every group is unique. That’s why we collaborate with travel agencies, schools, and consultancy firms to create customized programs that match their specific learning objectives, age group, and student interests. This personalized approach ensures maximum learning impact and relevance for your students to keep them invested and motivated during their journey.


3.Expert Instructors & Authentic Environment:

Our experienced language instructors and passionate local guides provide top-tier language training and cultural insights. Students benefit from high-quality education and genuine cultural experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement. We aim to leave an impact on every student to activate their cognitive development.


4.Seamless Logistics Coordination:

Focus on your students while we handle the rest. Our dedicated team manages all logistical details, from accommodation bookings to activity coordination. We ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to concentrate on your students’ growth and learning. For you as for the students, our job is to make your Belgian experience flawless and memorable.


5.Proven Success & Measurable Outcomes:  We’re committed to your students’ success as we believe that results are the best reward. We offer pre- and post-program assessments to track language skill development and cultural knowledge gain. Additionally, you’ll benefit from our proven track record of creating successful student immersion programs, ensuring a positive experience for both your students and your organization.