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Start your Arabic journey! Learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in Brussels. New class starts Sept.

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Private Tutoring Designed for All Ages

Looking to unlock your potential or give your child the academic edge? You’ve come to the right place! We offer personalized tutoring packages designed to meet the needs of learners at every stage.

This Language Learning Option is Perfect
If you are...

Student (K-12)

  • Struggling in a specific subject and need a helping hand?
  • Aiming for top grades and want to reach your full potential?
  • Gearing up for standardized tests and feeling the pressure?

Our experienced tutors will create a personalized plan to tackle your challenges and achieve your academic goals!


  • Looking to upskill for a promotion or career change?
  • Want to learn a new language or brush up on an old hobby?
  • Simply curious and excited to keep learning new things?

We offer tutoring for career-focused skills, certifications, and anything else that sparks your interest! Take control of your learning journey and rediscover the joy of exploration.

Parent Or Guardian

  • Want to support your child’s academic success but unsure how?
  • Worried about their learning gaps or wanting them to excel?
  • Seeking personalized instruction tailored to their unique learning style?

We provide peace of mind with our experienced tutors who will create a customized learning plan for your child. You can feel confident knowing they’re receiving the support they need to thrive academically.

Apprenez à parler des langues dans des cours sur mesure à Lingua Academy : français, anglais, arabe, néerlandais, espagnol et japonais. Language School in Brussels.

 Book private classes at a time of your liking with a tailor-made program fitting your needs or tell us your needs. We develop classes the whole year round based on our customers’ preferences.


The French language seems hard to pick up on with all the twists it has: having impeccable spelling, controlling turns of phrases, or getting a good starting line seems to be the hardest for all the people seeking to master this language.

Private tutoring tailors the learning journey to fit your goals, be it mastering pronunciation with a native speaker,conquering verb conjugations, or building conversation skills for your next Parisian adventure. Through personalized lessons and targeted exercises, you’ll gain the confidence and fluency to unlock the world of French language.

Learn English in Brussels. Apprendre l'anglais à Bruxelles.


As English is the first spoken language in the world, many learners seek to master it either for scholarly, professional, or cultural purposes.

At Lingua Academy we offer a tailor-made course depending on the level and the aims of each individual.

From Elementary to Intermediate until Advanced, curriculums are provided with a deep focus on the necessary skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.


As Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages spoken around the world, we believe that simplifying it may be the most efficient way to approach it. 

We offer Arabic/ French or Arabic/English lessons depending on the mother tongue of the learner.

Our experienced Arabic tutors will guide you step-by-step through mastering the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and diacritics (symbols above or below letters).

Check out our upcoming classes, if you don’t find a class that fits you, contact us through the form and tell us what kind of class you are looking for.