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Try out our 2 hour Arabic initiation module! A try-out for people thinking of learning Arabic. Our next session starts on 18 May     

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Take a look at our upcoming classes below. Don’t see a class that fits your needs? Consider booking private classes at a time of your liking with a tailor-made program fitting your needs or tell us your needs. We develop classes the whole year round based on our customers’ preferences.


The French language seems hard to pick up on with all the twists it has: having impeccable spelling, controlling turns of phrases, or getting a good starting line seems to be the hardest for all the people seeking to master this language.

That’s why in Lingua Academy we offer the students a detailed course planning where we go through phonetics and pronunciation, grammar, conjugation, and practice of real-life situations through the provided support videos and audios, adding to the role plays in groups.


Lingua Academy extends its services to the after-work conversational tables that encourage learners to jump on when their schedule allows them with no long-term obligation.

Learn English in Brussels. Apprendre l'anglais à Bruxelles.


As English is the first spoken language in the world, many learners seek to master it either for scholarly, professional, or cultural purposes.


At Lingua Academy we offer a tailor-made course depending on the level and the aims of each student.

From Elementary to Intermediate until Advanced, curriculums are provided with a deep focus on the necessary skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.


Once the level is known, the student can choose the format of the course that suits them: in groups or private, online or face-to-face, or by alternating between the two different ways.


As Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages spoken around the world, we believe that simplifying it may be the most efficient way to approach it. We offer Arabic/ French or Arabic/English lessons depending on the mother tongue of the learner.

The course starts with an intensive module of pronunciation and graphic mastering of the alphabet. Once that’s done, we move to the basic grammar and conjugation in order to be able to create basic sentences and interact in simple conversations.


Once the basics are assimilated, we start building vocabulary while mastering the grammar which will allow the learner to start reading small texts and producing simple answers for daily questions.

The course includes conjugation and studying words derived from verbs and word families which is the key point to mastering the Arabic language.


After that, the content of the course can be designed depending on the student’s aims and target context.

Check out our upcoming classes, if you don’t find a class that fits you, contact us through the form and tell us what kind of class you are looking for.


We launch new classes the whole year rond matching people with simular goals and needs.