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Try out our 2 hour Arabic initiation module! A try-out for people thinking of learning Arabic. Our next session starts on 18 May     

Language Learning Opportunities for All Ages and Goals

Find Your Path to Language Proficiency at Lingua Academy

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Group sessions: initiation workshops that are built and designed to prepare toddlers for a new target language ( letters, numbers, pronunciation, basic vocabulary, and grammar).


Private lessons: Online or at your place, we provide young students with weekly tutoring adjusted to their school curriculum to help parents follow up with their children’s advancement through the year.

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Tailor-made courses: as certain job fields demand mastering foreign languages, our courses will be based on the business target language and the specific objectives of the learners.

Course content can be designed to target the aim of learners: Business, Legal, or Medical English. 

As we understand that flexibility is a major factor in planning lessons and choosing the most convenient program, we propose several formats and time slots for the student to choose from: Lunchtime, after-work, or conversational tables, adjusting to your needs is our strong point. 

For curious minds, initiation sessions are offered to help them leap into the targeted language.

Starting from level zero, we provide an overview of the basics of each language we offer. Check our course plannings to be updated regarding the next dates. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out by the form available on the website or by email.

Learn English in Brussels. Apprendre l'anglais à Bruxelles.


If you need business language training for your staff, Lingua Academy is here to help.

We can tailor your corporate language training to whatever your employees require, and we will help your team achieve their goals and build their language skills.

Check out our upcoming classes, if you don’t find a class that fits you, contact us through the form and tell us what kind of class you are looking for.


We launch new classes the whole year round matching people with similar goals and needs.