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Start your Arabic journey! Learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in Brussels. New class starts Sept.

Corporate Language Immersion Programmes

Revolutionize your team’s communication skills and collaborative spirit with our unique corporate language immersion programmes in Brussels

A participant in a yoga session as part of Lingua Academy's Corporate Language Immersion programme in Brussels

Your Team's Communication and Collaboration in Luxury

A multi floored facility in which Lingua Academy hosts Corporate Language immersions in Brussels

Corporate Language Immersion in Brussels

At Lingua Academy, we present a unique blend of intensive language training and luxurious wellness experiences at Mix.Brussels, a top-tier wellness facility set amidst the serene greenery of West Brussels.

Gym area in the facility for Lingua Academy Corporate Language Immersions

Revitalize and Strengthen Your Team

Our comprehensive program is designed to rejuvenate your team, promote physical well-being, and enhance collaborative efforts in an inspiring setting.

An ultra soothing setting with dim lights and yoga mats spread out for participants at Corporate Language Immersion at Lingua Academy
Participants in discussion during a Corporate Language Immersion hosted by Lingua Academy

Immersive Business English Training

Our linguistic immersion focuses on Business English, ensuring that your team masters essential skills for the corporate world. The program includes tailored courses on effective email writing, professional presentations, negotiation tactics, and cross-cultural communication. Participants engage in practical exercises and real-world simulations to enhance their proficiency and confidence in using English in a business context.

Our Corporate Language Immersion Program Includes

Your team will revitalize, work out, relax, and collaborate – all within this breathtaking environment.

This unique program refocuses your team through a potent blend of:


  • Immersive Language Learning: Equip your team with essential business communication skills through our customized language courses.
  • High-End Wellness: Rejuvenate and recharge at Mix. Brussels’ state-of-the-art spa and wellness facilities.
  • Sport Team-Building Activities: Enhance teamwork and communication with structured workout sessions designed to foster collaboration and “the healthy mind in the healthy body” mindset. 

This is more than just language training; it’s a transformative experience that strengthens your team’s communication,collaboration, and overall well-being.


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Why Client Choose Our Corporate Language Immersion Programmes?

✓ Break Down Language Barriers: Equip your team with the language skills to excel in a global marketplace.

✓ Enhanced Communication: Improve collaboration and teamwork across international borders.

✓ Increased Productivity: A rejuvenated and motivated workforce translates to better results.

✓ Leadership Development: Foster effective communication and leadership within your team.

✓ Unforgettable Bonding:  Participants rave about Lingua’s immersive programs, creating lasting memories and boosting team spirit.